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Wiecie co? Wpadłam na pomysł,że spróbuję prowadzić tego bloga po angielsku. 
W ten sposób będę mogła dzielić się moimi przemyśleniami z większą grupą ludzi! :)
 Każdy post będzie więc pisany po polsku i po angielsku.
Proszę,wybaczcie mi wszelkie błędy, ponieważ wciąż uczę się tego języka :p

You know what? I had the idea that I will try to write this blog in English.
In this way I will be able to share all my thoughts with more people! :)
So every post will be written in Polish and English.
And please, forgive me for any mistakes, because i still learning this leanguage. :P
~~~~~~~~~~So one more time...

The most important in every action is a beginning...
...that is about the creation of 'make diy not war' a few words.

Uhh... I really don't like the beiginnings. :P
But as I dared to say 'a'-creating the blog, I have to say 'b'-writing even a short justification for the existence of the next web daily or something.
My name is Paulina and at the moment I'm doing something completely new. Something that will be for me a kind of challenge, and certainly an interesting experience.
I haven't wrote blog  so now I'm sitting (and nervously  spin a strand of hair around my finger) and wonder how can I start making my little piece of the Internet.
But it has to be fun!
If the idea for this blog was created spontaneously and joyfully, the rest will be the same.
Therefore, let me end this post. ;)
I know that not everything here is perfect, but I'm still learning, and soon it will be look as it should.
For now, I'll just say that I have a whole bunch of ideas and now i must realize them step by step and share with you my joyful creativity, hoping that everyone will discover something for themselves. Here you'll find things made ​​by me, my thoughts, and what just fall into my mind.
I hope that you like my blog and that it put a smile on many faces. :)


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